Hooking a Phono Preamp up to a Preamp

This is one of those so dumb a question that I am hesitant to even post it.  But can I hook an MM phono preamp up to the aux input of a preamp which does not have a phono stage?  Or do I have to run it separately plugged directly into an amp.  I am needing a system to use while my Fisher 500B is off for some needed TLC so figure on resurrecting a preamp and amp that have been stashed away in the basement for many years.   The preamp is a BAT VK-3i.  Thanks in advance.
Yes, plug the phono stage into an aux. input.
All a phono stage does is equalize and amplify the RIAA signal from the cartridge. The output signal from a phono stage is then no different than any other line stage component such as a CD, DAC, or tape deck. 

The confusion is from back in the day when all we had were records and so everything - receiver, pre-amp, integrated, everything - had its own built-in phono stage. So of course everything then had a phono input. Which you had to use, because if you plugged say the tuner into the phono stage then the signal was gonna be amplified and equalized so much it was gonna be blasting out massively distorted bass even with the volume turned way down.

Now that you know what's going on you should be able to see that MM or MC is irrelevant with regard to your question. Those have to do with which input circuits the phono stage uses in handling the input signal, nothing to do with connecting the output to anything.

So dill is right, and in fact you could plug the phono stage into any input, tape, CD, tuner, whatever. They are all the same electrically and only labeled the way they are for convenience.
Many thanks.  I do have a follow up question.  The issue with my Fisher 500B seems to be isolated to the phono section.  Every thing else plays fine through it.   All I know is it is not the tubes.  Anyway, can I run an outboard phono preamp through one of the other inputs.  It would be a convenient temporary fix.  From what I have read here, I am guessing I can but just want to make sure. 
You can run it into any high level input like tape or aux.
Any input EXCEPT phono.  Tuner, Tape, Aux, Video, CD, DAD, are all the same high level inputs, just with different names.