Hooking a dac up to a DVD player

I have the Farouja DVD player. I dont have a processor and run my movies in stereo. Can I run a cable from the digital out to my high end dac. Is this information transfered in stereo or dolby digital? Can I hurt anything by trying it?
Hi,Perf' No problem hooking the dvd coax up to your dac. Some players(Pioneer 09& 05) have two coax outs. One, you won't be able to use, as it is for DD or DTS.They are both clearly marked.The other is a 48 mixdown of the 24/96 signal.(the one you want) Most others players you just go into the players menu and make your '48' selection. Do this before you install the cable.If you don't have it right,you get nothing but buzz stuff, so make sure you lower the volume till you are locked on/in.Turn the pre off, if you have it wrong.
Feeling stupid/your thread says what player you have. It is a hopped up Toshiba;just go into the menu,and disregard the 1st part.
Thanks for the tip. I hooked it up through a digital lens and then through the dac. What a diffrence!!! One nice thing about the Farouga is that it has balanced outputs. I also didnt know the Farouja was a suped up Toshiba.