Hook-Up Wires for Crossover

I am doing small DIY upgrade to replace stock resistors with
Duelund silver-carbon Cast resistors in crossover of my speakers . Since there is no space on crossover board for large Duelund Resistors , I have to mount them on seperate board and then use individual wires to connect each resistor on to PC board . When I checked internal hook-up wires in my speakers , from crossover to drivers , they are Siltech M20 G7 Silver-Gold wires (1% Gold used in alloy ) . They are 17 AWG thickness.
My questions are:
1)what wire should I use to join Duelund resistors to points on crossover ?
2) Must I use same Siltech M20G7 of 17 AWG ? (I suppose they will be too heavy - around 1.5 mm thick and also very expensive ! ) . Or can I use 20 AWG wire?
3) Can I use Mundorf or DH Lab Silver-Gold wire of 1 mm or 0.5 mm thickness?
4)Is it ok to use different makes of internal wires within a speaker ?
Total wire required is 10 to 12 meters , and such silver -gold wire cost quite a bit , especially if they are 17 AWG or 1.5 mm.
your suggestions and views will be welcome.
What is the gauge of the leads coming off the resistors? That should be adequate for your project.

I think the Mundorf wire is close to what you want. I would also consider Duelund's wire too.
Jadem is right, no sense in using a thicker gauge than what is coming off the resistors...

One thing I know about wire is that Jadem knows a few things about wire, and then some, to say the least!
The thickness of leads from Duelund resistors is 0.8 mm.
Siltech M20G7 is 1.5 mm thick
Mundorf silver gold is available in 0.5, 1.0 , and 1.5 mm thickness, with Teflon coating
Duelund is 1.0 mm , but looks like 0.5 of silver foil plus silk oil etc ( I don't understand exactly what it is )
DH Lab is solid silver ( doesn't say it is silver gold alloy ) .
I guess I may be better off going with Mundorf 1.0 mm silver gold .
Or should I be better off with Duelund ?
Thanks to you all for your response.
Hi Radni,

I have completely rebuilt my Apogee Duetta Signature Xover about 2 years ago and also used the Duelund resistors. You will just love the natural sound of the Duelund.

May I suggest another option for you? Why don't you take the opportunity to move all Xover components to an external Xover box? This way, you have all the flexibility to eventually replace your Xover capacitors or coils. Having to purchase 10-12 m of hookup wire seems way too much IMHO and will be very expensive. Putting everything in a external box will save you a few meters of wire.

I would recommend using Neotech silver hookup wire (UP-OCC Mono-Crystal design). It has worked great for my rebuild project and comes in 20-22-24 awg gauge.
I pretty sure Parts Connexion sells all the brands you are talking about here. Its wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see what they think. They have a pretty good reputation.
Thanks for your suggestion. I have already upgraded on capacitors ( used Mundorf M-Supreme ,over stock caps of Audyn ) , and also had upgraded larger coils on spkrs with silver wires ( Siltech M20G7) . This was all done as I had ordered Custom made speakers from the mfr. BTW, my Spkrs are Cadence ARCA s which are hybrid , electrostat .
The cpas are already put seperatly in the spkr cabinet as there was not so much space on the oard. Coils are fixed on the side ( inside wall ) of the spkr for same reason.
If I had started from beginning with a seperate outside Xover , it would have made lot of sense. Now it may be too late.
Neotech I have seen on partsconnexion . Will also consider , but Mundorf and Duelund looks similar to Siltech M20G7 used in my speaker. The mfr of spkr is still advising me to go for Siltech M20G7 in order to avoid any possible performance issue due to mismatch.
In fact , I am looking at Parts connexion only for my need of these wires. But , you are right , I will ask them of their opinion. My Duelund resistors and earlier Mundorf M-Supreme caps are all from Parts Connexion
I would go with the 1.0 Mundorf if I was to decide now. You might try to contact Frederik at Duelund (the owner) for his opinion. He is a great guy and if he is not too busy he should get back to you. But I think the Mundorf is a great match.
Hi Radni,

I have used the Mundorf Supreme caps in my DS Xover upgrade and extremely happy with this decision. You cannot go wrong with these and Chris Johnson from PartsConnexion will help you out with your other queries.
I asked Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion about his opinion. I said my options are Mundorf , Duelund and DH Lab . Within hours he replied " if you are trying to match tonal characteristics of Siltech M20G7 , then Mundorf is your best bet ,.... Without a doubt ! "
Considering views expressed here in this thread ,
I think I will go for Mundorf 1.0 mm
Thank you all guys for such involvement and helping me to make a decision . It gives me great satisfaction that this choice is backed by views and opinions of many experts here . This has proved to be a great forum again .
I've been tried mundorf silver gold wire and neotech upocc silver wire for hook up, I prefered neotech for more open and dynamic than mundorf
I used Mundorf silver gold alloy wire on my cross over for installing Duelund resistors . They work great for me .