Hook up to computer or dvd player.

Hello everyone,

Firstly I like to thank everyone who has helped me so far in making my decision on speakers and what not. Here is my set-up now.

Totem Rainmakers
Nad c320bee
M-audiophile usb

Here's my problem. I need to move my computer out of the way in order set-up my stereo eq. My basic problem is that alot of my music is in the computer. So in a way I need my computer. Now should I just by a cd player that can read dvd,mp3 etc and then just burn copies from my computer and use it that way or just keep the computer as is.

Also my computer does not have speakers without my rainmakers. Should I just buy some cheapy speakers and use that or again use my rainmakers. I could always just use my headphones no?

Also I do like to surround sound but am not quite ready for that. What I do want to do is use my rainmakers as virtual surround in movies or straight stereo. I figure that stereo sound should be better on rainmakers than stock tv.

Anyways now am blabbing any advice? What kinda of dvd,cd player or solution should I use.
What is the distance that you have to move the computer? If not to far, how about a 1/8 " mini from sound card out to RCA males into the NAD?
Not much. At most maybe 10'.
Try a Squeezebox from Slim Devices. http://www.slimdevices.com/index.html

Cheap way to transmit music from your pc to your setup.