Hook up of Bam w/Merlin speakers

I just bought a pair of Merlins VSM-M's from Audiogon. I need help in connecting the Bam. I didn't get any literature with the shipment. I heard the connection should be between the Pre/amp and the amp. How many interconnects do I need to purchase and what am I connecting them to? I have a separate amp and Pre/amp.

Did you get any information at all about the speakers? Like placement in the room, toe-in, etc.? These are all very important. If you didn't, and Bobby P. doesn't chime in here you might want to contact him at Merlin. He is always more than willing to help you get the proper setup for your equipment. For what it's worth, I have my BAM between preamp and power amp, although with a single source it could go between the source and the preamp.
Oneprof is absolutely correct; you need to contact Bobby at Merlin by phone. You just purchased an incredible speaker that can produce magic. But they're not magic wands which can be waved in any direction, its imperative they are set up correctly. Bobby can supply you with the instructions, tools, and expertise, needed to get the most out of his speaker and B.A.M. unit.

Take Care,
If you have only one source (i.e. CD player), it would work best between that and the preamp (apparently gives a more "juicier and fuller" sound). One can also hook it up into a tape loop if one has that option in their preamp - thus one can at a push of a button switch it in and out of the signal flow. Finally, one can place it between the preamp and the amp itself; thus all signals are going to go through the BAM.
If it is single-ended, you will require one extra pair of RCA type interconnects (it has one pair of input RCA's and one pair of output RCA's) than you currently have now.
As others have mentioned, Bobby at Merlin is always more than helpful.