Hook me up Need advice on moving to tube amp ple

Ok, I'm in the same boat but my buddy is right on the edge of buying right now. So this is what we got. We want to move to tubes.
Linn LP12 turntable
Mobile Fidelity XLP-S phono pre
Denon AVR-3300 receiver (yuck)
Taylor Acoustic Mini Reference Monitor's
- 44-20k 8 ohm 88db 25-150 watts 9 x 10.5 x 18 32 lbs ea

My idea was to buy a TUBE intergrated amp like for example the Jolida JD-801A Integrated 75watts per channel 150watt max. Have the Dennon AND the Linn LP12 connected to the Intergrated amp at the same time? Two differant inputs? Dont i need a hometheater bypass connection?
The budget is something around $1000 used. The best of the best for that money used.

What would be a better way to go to get this done and be able to crank Steely Dan to Blank Sabbath at loud non-compressed levels in a room that is 13' x 20' with 8' ceilings. Speakers 2' from short wall
Listers in middle of room. Using DIY JR Basstraps and Sound panels.

Help is greatly appreciated!