Hoodoo Gurus suggestion

Always liked this band, but don't have any of their albums. Suggestions on best 2 to start?
Big Hoodoos fan here. My favorites are the first four:

Stoneage Romeos
Mars Needs Guitars
Blow Your Cool
Magnum Cum Louder

They are getting really hard to find on vinyl. I spent awhile trying to find all their LPs. I think I have most of them now.
2d mofi--the first two (stoneage and mars) are classics, the others less essential
Love the Hoodoos!
"Stoneage Romeos" is fun, but "Mars Needs guitars" is their best. "Bittersweet" from the Mars album is a rock and roll classic and a good one to wake up your neighbors. I have all of the Hoodoo releases and actually enjoyed their most recent "Purity of Essence" from last year.I would start with Mars and then maybe one of the greatest hits collections. Perhaps an Austrailian rock band post is in order.
Concur...Mars Needs Guitars is great 60s inspired gargage power pop...other Aussie/NZ acts to consider...the Scientists, Radio Birdman, B-day Party, the Saints, the Clean, the Bats, the Chills, the Church...list goes on...they have a strong history down under!
Yoh, Agree on the Hoodoos/Church/etc-great bands--

Don't forget the Bostocks and early Richard Clapton.

per phasecorrect, nz is home of some of the best music ever--the flying nun label in particular has (in addition to the above mentioned) great bands like the verlaines, talldwarfs/chris knox and garageland; also check out david kilgour (ex-clean). the label has put out a bunch of compilations which are well worth checking out. when i still collected vinyl, i frequently mail ordered from them and they were ridiculously pleasant to deal with.
k, thanks for the advice I bought Stoneage Romeo and Mars Needs Guitars, can't wait to get them.
Great choice. You will enjoy both of them. Another one of my favorite bands from "down under" that has yet to be mentioned here is Hunters and Collectors- great edgy guitar combined with a brass section including french horns. Human Frailty is probably my favorite.
Also...for more current offerings...The MESS hall are an amazing live aussie act...saw em in melbourne...cool city as well

Well as we are on great Aussie bands i would also give
"Spy vs Spy" a listen , they were/are one of the best Aussie pub rock bands getting around along with the Hoodoo's and Hunters & Collectors .
i've got spy v spy on my list. a couple other ozzies to check out:
1. orange humble band, assorted creams--virtually perfect pop written by the guy from lime spiders (a good but not transcendent band), but sung by ken stringfellow from the posies and produced by mitch easter
2. celibate rifles---more raucous and harder edged but very good--melodic ramonse/ny dollish. "roman beach party" is their go-to, but all i've heard have been good.

Hi Loomis

A few more : Noise Works - Good solid Pub Band
Baby Animals - Great sounding female led outfit
The Super Jesus - Check out the album " Sumo"

Back to the Hoodoo's , i am a huge fan and being Australian i grew up with them , often going to see them several times a year , in Sydney where i grew up they would play 4 - 5 times a week at different venues so take your pick when you needed a "Hit" , same with the Spy's . I really like " In Blue Cave " as a post 80's Guru's sounding album along with "Crank" , early 90s was a good time for the Guru's as they left the electronic drums behind.