Hong Kong 230 volt wired the same as U.S. 220?

Hi, I have a pair of monoblocks wired for 230 volts Hong Kong. Other than the plugs would they be wired the same as say a 220 volt dryer or stove here in the U.S.
Thank you!
The 230V in HK is 50 Hz and the plug is different. Your amp should work fine.
I am using German amps, (we have the same voltage in Germany as in Hong Kong) here in my home inthe US. But I had Mr. Strasser of HMS build two custom power cords for me ($490) because of 50 Hz versus 60 Hz in the US. I use the cords in my private system.
I admit that I am a dealer for HMS cables, but this has of course nothing to do with it, since I would have bought the cords even had I been a dealer for Electraglide or Shunyata.
All I can say is that with his cords, my 350 watt WBE monoblocks are running fine, and the $490 investment was well worth the extra peace of mind, next to the incredible performance I gained through the cords, which not only are shielded to an extreme degree, but come with a build in power conditioner. If you do a search for HMS here or at www.audioasylum.com, you can read yourself, why other audiophiles are so excited about HMS and you do not have to rely on my word alone.