Honey I Shrunk The Krells

I just got back from the Krell website. Their largest new monoblock is rated at 575 wpc @ 8 ohms and weighs 85 lbs. That's about half the power rating and half the weight of their previous flagship monoblocks.

I've seen the trend in smaller amplifiers emerging...but not Krell too!
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The weight reduction is due to their use of a newly developed sliding/adaptive output stage bias circuit which maintains Class A operation while operating at much higher efficiency. The new models also incorporate fans for cooling which further saves on size and weight by allowing smaller heat sinks to be used. Whether these new models sound as good as some of their more conventional Class A designs remains to be determined.
That's it! I give up! There is no hope for this country anymore! Not when Krell amps weigh less than I do!! USA used to make monster amps...now just look at what we've become......sigh.
@ Bill_K, very good explanation, I could not have done better myself, I tried to say the new krell amps were suppose to be class A operation, only to be told that this was nothing new, that the new amps must be clas A/B to operate the way they do.
Kudos for the snappy subject line. Even my wife laughed.