Honesty is How This Tube Dealer Built His eBay Business

Sometimes you meet a seller on eBay that is 100% honest, and really knows their product.

I recently bought some pristine GE 6072 NOS NIB tubes for my Shindo Giscours.

The product was advertised as a matched pair, and I received exactly what was advertised.....tested perfectly.  

The seller shipped within hours, communicated well, and his price was a little below many others.

I have "0" financial interest in this sellers company.

I just wanted to share a story about an honest seller who loves this business.

He has 100% feedback on eBay, with over 3,800 transactions.

The company is Edwards Audio Tubes, and the seller goes by the name Christopher2159.

Just thought I'd share with the audiophile community here.

Happy listening.



2nd for Brent Jesse.

I have dealt with him more than once, and he has been quick to return calls, and more than helpful with advice and descriptions for particular tubes.

I would also like to give a shout out to Tyler of tctubes.com 

Have dealt with him for testing tubes I ran across at estate sales, etc. and purchased some tubes from him also.

Both of these guys are first class, and go over and above to be accessible and helpful.

I have no financial connection to either, other than giving them my $$$ in exchange for some gas sealed inside a glass tube!

My last octet of NOS GE 6550As came from TC Tubes.  When one finally went South(after a couple years), they managed to find one, in their inventory of too-weak-to-sell-NOS, that matched my seven well-worn, and gave it to me.   Didn't even charge me, to test those seven.   That's service!   
I bookmarked this thread. Valuable info.

Is this the place to do the opposite? I.e. report a bad experience with a dealer on the bay?