Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers

So I wanted to see what most of you thought or what your pick would be between the Revel Salon 2 towers and the McIntosh XR100's I'm torn between both with looks and performances with my choice leaning more toward Mac since I'd be powering them with the 452 and the whole matching thing, but I will also be pushing these quite hard at times (rock-metal) and I want a well built power capable speaker for the long haul..I was considering Wilson's as well and have not cut them out just wanted some respectable opinions on my two narrowed down choices we all are familiar with pricing and these two options have a considerable difference between the two so I'm torn which is the better bang for my bucks!! 

Thanks all..
Heard Revel, but not the Salon 2s.  I've been a fan of McIntosh for years, and have heard the XR100s.  Buy the Salon 2s. 
I'll second the notion that Salon 2's will get louder than you need.  F208 BE also a very worth contender.  JBL also an excellent choice but I would be looking at the 4367's or Everest.  Salon 2's needing a lot of power is a little bit of an urban legend.  I use a 330 watt Rowland 625 S2 that does the job well, but I also used an ARC Ref 75 SE for fun one time and it powered the Salon 2's quite well. I was shocked.  
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