Honest dealer in Canada

Looking for honest dealer in Canada. Please incl. contact. info. , maybe example would be nice !!
What gear are you looking for and where are you located - might be a good start...
I dealt with Globe Audio Video when I found their website. They were friendly, reliable, and fair. The website is:


Other contact info:
449 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8P 1K5
Phone: (905) 522-2431 Fax: (905) 522-2433
Email: info@globeaudiovideo.com

I also think Take Five Audio is a reliable dealer, an hour and a half north of Toronto. Their website is:


Further contact is:
(519) 343-4451

I would echo the comment. Give us your location and some idea of what you are looking for and I would be glad to suggest some excellent people. Feel free to email me

I have dealt with many honest dealers in Canada, as I'm sure my American friends deal with reputable and trustworthy dealers in their markets. If you can narrow down the brands you're interested in, I can recommend a few. Jeff
Try Mike Oddie at Alternative Audio in Dundas, Ontario, near Hamilton.
I am in the US, but have done business with Mike at Alternative Audio. Highly recommended.
I can honestly say Alternative audio is worth a 10 hour drive.
Make a weekend out of it.Anyone within 10 hours even more.
Best audio store on the Planet. Globe Audio is 1/2 hour away or less.And Allied TV in Hamilton carries Rogue a personal favorite of mine.
Alternative is a must visit.
Good post.
I second takefiveaudio.com (519) 343-4451 Gene is a great guy to do business with. AAA+++
Thanks for all your comment. I live in Calgary. I am looking for Musical fidelity dealer. Please don't tell me Sounds of Music is a honest dealer.
Try Omer at www.omer@enterprises.net.Very friendly,knowledgeable and has a passion for accurate musical reproduction.I just bought a pair of Maple Audio Works(MAW) Ambiance interconnects for a good price including next day shipping.By the way this MAW company is one of those hidden jewels in the world. This Ambiance will match or beat the performance of Acoustic Zen Matrix at almost half the price.Omer will return e-mails promptly and will give you informative answers to meet your needs for your system requirements.I am looking forward to dealing with Omer again.
Hey there MK - Hi from Okotoks. E-mail me and I'll advise a good dealer for MF gear. SOM is a nice place to visit but their prices reflect the cost of their new location...
Alternative Audio.Simply one of the top audio stores in North America a must see. Michael and Phil are very fair and a pleasure to do buisness with.al
Sherod: I have the same interconnects! Awesome wire eh? And I also highly recommend Omer, one of the real nice guys in the biz. Jeff
My name is Andrew Austin, I am a dealer in Northern Ontario, I have been in business for well over 30 years, and probably know every other dealer in Ontario, If your looking for the best service, advice, price, and products, we offer only professional audio and video. In consideration to being the only hi-end dealer in Northern Ontario, you can trust the fact that we choose and cherry pick every peice of equipment we believe is the best value for your dollar, and with no competition, we can get virtually anything. We have a selection of used and demo equipment, and encourage trade ins.
Andrew Austin
Professional Sound, Audio & Video
1897 Regent St.
Sudbury Ontario
(705) 522-6708
fax (705) 522-7873