What was the icing on the cake in your home theater ? What did you look for when designing,purchasing equipment ect. Did you contract out or do your own dirty work ? What makes your HT different.
What finally brought everything together in my HT system was finding amps that could drive my speakers without generating enough heat to cook eggs on. I've now got 6500 watts RMS and, most of the time, the amps are running cool as can be. Prior to this, the sound was good, but the amps idled at appr 130* - 140* or so. With the racks i'm using in that system, there just wasn't enoug space above the amps to dissipate all the heat, so i knew that they were cooking themselves to death. Finding these amps, which are even more powerful than the older ones, at a good price and then having them modified for even better performance made a world of difference and kept things running cooler. This is the one system that i haven't altered in quite some time now. Sean
I've always had great sound;for years. The icing came in 2 and a half steps. A near top of the line Sim2 300extra(h) projector---and---finally an electric screen. A hundred pounder over 100 inches long. I installed this all by myself---I guess we could call this the grunt labor factor. The half of the 2,&1/2 steps was running the motor control (sceen's) right next to my seat. ---This would normally be on the front wall,behind the screen. I hid the common in 'top of the wall' trim.The 12vt. trigger just adds to the price. Considering the ceiling had to be braced and all;-- pro installation would have been steep.
The icing---, a McIntosh MHT-100 HT system. Awesome. Smooth, detailed, competant, and just about eternal.