HomePod stands

Despite a fairly meh home audition of a single HomePod, I'm rethinking their use in a secondary room/AV system where a modern look is important to the wife and sound quality is not the most important factor. I'm looking to install a pair and dip into streaming from my Mac/Apple TV and maybe Apple Music at some point. To that end I need a set of modern looking white stands for the HomePods. Anyone have any suggestions as to stands, purpose built or DIY? 
@mcondo The Lumi isn’t bad. Good to see someone making a stand specifically for the’pods. 

Gonna keep looking.  Trying to be patient.

dbtom2, the closest I've gotten is a Pangea stand in black which I would have to spray white. 

Same quest, different color.

Amazon searches turn up some choices that don’t quite work for me. I want something stable but not interested in retrofitting a stand designed for a Sonos speaker.

Let us know if you find something.