Homemade speakers?

What have you built and what kind of drivers have you used.
www.partsexpress.com has some very high end drivers for sale now and I bought some Vifa 7" woofers for $44 and with some B&W tweeters I had from a pair of Matrix 805's sounds great in a 2 qubic foot box. What have you experimented with???
dual oris 150 horns with fostex fe208 ez drivers ,t90a fostex tweeter ea. side ,fostex transformer pentometer , 2woofer towers with fostex 16 in woofers ,sounds as good or better than avant garde duos .tried raven tweeters and f200a fostex .good luck with your project:)
I'm currently building a Fostex single full range driver bass reflex speaker. This speaker has been well documented at other speaker building forums, so I'm aware of its strengths and shortcomings.

I'm not much of an experimenter and thus would only stick with proven designs (Proac 2.5 clones come to mind) or ones that I've personally heard. Speaker design with crossovers is an art form. Synergy between drivers and crossovers and the tuning of the enclosure is difficult, even with math and computers. Speaker driver tolerances and matching are also a big consideration. The voicing of the speaker is a very time consuming endeavor. Most of the speaker diyers that I've talked to tell me that most of their experiments were disasters. And even their successes were not quite as good as what is commercially available when they factored in their labor (costs). I think that full range speakers are a lot easier to deal with primarily since you do not have to deal with the crossover. And there are a lot of really great designs that are simple enough that most of us could handle.

In spite of all of the pitfalls, I find speaker designing fascinating. I enjoy reading about what other diyers have done. Keep us posted.

TWL built Voigt pipes with Lowthers and is very pleased with them. Do a search and you can read about it.
I built Watt/puppy clones by Thorsten Loesch plans. I used Focal 120TDX tweeters, Seas CB17RCY mids,(used in Wilson Cub's) and Peerless CSX Woofers. Ansar, Audio Cap cap's Allen Bradley resistors and Goerz foil inductors. My first project, and result is fantastic sounding speakers that can be compared with the real thing: Watt/Puppy 5.1 for only $1.5K Highly recommended!
rick craig designed me a pair of 3.5 way stand mount speakers-24'h 10"w 11"d----2 ebay 6.5 woofers 1 morel dome mid and scanspeak tweeter( based on his phast-est design)-been building the cabinets since sat morning-3/4 solid maple front top and back- the sides are 3/4 mdf coverd with 3/8 marble---used tung oil on the wood it looks awsome-the speakers and crossover ship this week . they look so nice without holes its going to be shame to cut the holes. this is my first try at diy speakers. my biggest bitch is i just made stands for my michaura m55s speakers 24" tall-now i have to either figure out how to cut them down or build new shorter ones