Homemade Nitty Gritty Formula

I out of cleaning solution. Dose anyone know how to whip up a batch of record cleaning juice for my Nitty Gritty? Dealers want $80 for a gallon of the stuff. Is it that specialized to conjure up?
Here's what Harry Weisfeld, the head of VPI, recommended on Audio Asylum some time ago. Take a gallon jar, put in 16 oz. of isopropyl alcohol (NOT rubbing alcohol), then fill it with distilled water and add 3-4 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid as a surfactant. Note that VPI sells its own record cleaning fluid, but Weisfeld apparently preferred his home-brew version.

I personally like Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions (AIVS) a lot, but it's more expensive and there's nothing wrong with the Weisfeld formula. Good luck, Dave
I used a formula I found on

Dump out part of a gallon of distilled water.
Add a bottle of isopropyl alcohol.
Try to find the highest concentration.
Some is 50%-75%-90% but I found some 98% at a Rite Aid drug store.
10 drops of Kodak Photoflow. ~$5 and you will have enough to last forever.
2-3 drops of tile cleaner (a specific brand but I forgot which)
If you are interested,I'd go to the website to double check the formula.I may be off a bit in the drops dept.
Here's a bunch of RC Fluid Recipes in addition to some good tips. I've used a couple of them, with great results.