Homemade 6 inch tall stands for small floor stranders

looking for ideas for temporary, do it yourself,  6 inch tall stands for floor standing speakers that measure about 40x8x11 inches. Thanks
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Paint them the color of your choice!
Yep. + 1 to @yogiboy 

It's the first thing that came to mind. Easily painted/covered. Cheap. 

For, you know, temporary until you find the good ones.
same thought-

Ot these:
I like that!!!  Get some of that Flex Seal rubberized paint and paint them and put extra coatings where the speaker will sit and then the bottoms shouldn't get scratched up, I would think.  
Used bookstore, a few unwanted hardcover books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.), a handful of long screws. 
Thanks all, interesting stuff...
I'm thinking a few old textbooks from the basement might be just right...
That might resonate, but the long screws might be the answer.  Years ago, I was re-doing a room and used two 5 gallon cans of joint compound for a 12'' speaker stand, probably the best speaker stand I ever used.