HomeGrown SSII vs. MIT Term2???

I am interested in your opinion on the HomeGrown Audio SuperSilver II with the locking rca's vs. MIT Terminator2 interconnects. Focus is on harshness or birghtness.

will be pairing an adcom system with gfa 555mkII to a set of thiel cs1.2's. Have been told it will be bright/harsh. currently running old patch cords (signet) and have heard the MIT T2's will mellow the harshness. But have heard how good the HGA's are.

any thoughts?

Curt I can't share experience regarding these cables but I can share an opinon. Your goal to reduce brightness/harshness is likely better served with copper (the MIT) vs. silver. Silver can tend to accentuate detail, sometimes considerably compared to copper, so that may not be the best approach for you. You may wish to consult with Bob Cohen at Cable Company (www.Fatwyre.com) for experiential opinions & a chance to audition both of your cable choices, as well as some other possibilities, for a nominal charge which is also applicable to your eventual cable purchase.
You may want to think one notch higher if you go with the MIT's. I have owned a lot of MIT cable and quite a few pair's of thiel speakers. I once used a terminator 3 with a pair of 1.5's. I up graded to 750 shotguns and noticed a remarkable difference. Set your sights on the 750 line It's a quantum leap. You will need to match interconnects to get the full benefits. MIT 330's should do nicely. I purchased a pair of MI 750CVT's at this web-site once for $250.00. Good luck.