Homegrown Silver Lace vs Coincident CST

Thinking about both IC's. Have heard great feedback and impressions of there sound. Is it true though that I might expect a some what brite sound out of the silver before break in. There seems to be a lot of value in Homegrowns products. Comments would be much appreciated, thanks
I have the silver lace IC's and Coincident cst speaker cable. The silver lace has never been bright or thin, especially in comparison to say the goertz copper or silver micropurl cables. You can try the silver lace for 30 days, so you can't really go wrong. The Coincident speaker cable replace my audiodyne silver cables. They are a little less detailed, but more coherent and full in sound. Hope this helps...Also search audioasylum for comments.
Like Drrasta, I also use HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace ICs and Coincident CST loudspeaker cable(wonderful speaker cable). I also use Coincident CST IC. After a while of playing around, I settled in on using both. HGA SL on my CD player, and CST on my tuner. I also have two Coincident CST power cords(also really good), though I normally use two others, as they are better than the CST. Both Silver Lace and CST are fabulous interconnects. In fact these days, I feel that reference quality interconnects can be found at the sub $300 price point. My list consists of Analysis Plus, Coincident, HomeGrown Audio, and Silver Audio. From that list, you should be able to find happiness. I know I have. To compare the two shooting it out in this thread, Coincident is a bit more neutral. Offering a full sound. No one part of the musical spectrum either being spotlighted or hidden. Very clean sounding. A tough cable to beat. Silver Lace is fuller sounding. But, also more open, detailed, and fast. Not bright, harsh, shrill, or irritating at all, as some people equate silver with. Bass is something of note. In terms of extension, tightness, and power. Neither cable takes a back seat in the area of soundstaging. If I had to make a choice between the two, I don't think I could regret going with either one. It would come down to my system. If my system was neutral to warm, I would choose Silver Lace. If my system was on the brighter side of that, I would go with Coincident. But again, I could live with either for a long, long time. I would like to throw in that if my system was more bright, and I wanted to add a bit of warmth or a little of the things we like tubes for, I would take a flyer on Analysis Plus.
I second the above thread. I have both the Silver Lace balanced IC, and the Coincident CST balanced in my system. Both are excellent. I have the Coincident running to my preamp and the Silver lace running to my amp. If I were starting from scratch, I might go with two Coincident CST's. However, this would cost me a few more bills. PS: I found excellent service (best I have ever received) from Homegrown Audio, when my wife's cat ate through my Silver Lace cables. I don't know what they do for other customers but they could not have been more generous in my case.
Silver Lace being unshielded can lead to some buzz/hum problems in HT systems when used near video monitors.