Home Theatre speaker suggestions

I'm very new to this arena and looking for home theatre/music system suggestions. Looking to spend ~$1800 (amp and speakers) if that's helpfull.

Where do I start for speakers? If you can point me to a similar thread or have suggestions for my speaker setup it would be appreciated.

Hi Clack. There are lots of ways to go here. You could probably make your intro into HT and music with any number of AV receivers like those from Denon and the like. Many speaker manufacturers like NHT, PSB, Definitive Technologies, Atlantic Technologies, and Paradigm sell very affordable 5.1 speaker packages. If you are willing to buy used, you can get better gear, but since you're new to this field I would suggest you go and listen to as much as you can, then look for sales or discounts from reputable retailers. That way you'll have less of a problem if you ever need to have your gear serviced.

Magazines like Home Theater and Widescreen Review are great places to get ideas for your home theater. Check out the equipment reviews and articles on setting up your system. AudioReview.com also has reviews written by people like you and me, not professional reviewers. Try doing searches in the discussion forums here for testimonials on home theater amps and speakers.

I think you'll be surprised how much value you can get for your dollar. An AV receiver, 5 speakers and a subwoofer is totally feasible within your budget. You'll find the journey and the destination equally enjoyable. You'll get a lot of satisfaction from doing the research, comparing notes with fellow enthusiasts, listening to equipment and finally enjoying it in your home.

Have fun and happy hunting.
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I've just setup a HT system which sounds incredible!!! (To
me) A Denon 3802 (read reviews on AudioReview), Sony DVP-S7700, and M&K 750THX LR with an M&K S-150THX Center. Speakes bought used on Audiogon. Denon on EBAY! Good luck.
Hi Clack,

If you think you might get serious about music in the future I'd strongly suggest you look at Axiom speakers. They will do nicely in an HT application, but they're also good enough that you could build a pretty serious music system around them as well. Go to their website for info. on their fairly extensive line(so you can mix & match to meet your price target), and they offer 30-day money-back guarantee. See reviews on Soundstage.com and Goodsound.com of the Axiom M3ti as well as a couple larger models.

As for the "amp," I'm not sure if you mean you need an A/V receiver or a 5-channel amp. Assuming the former, the Outlaw 1050? receiver(also available online direct) has gotten very nice reviews and is a great value at around $500(as long as it has all the features you want--I'm thinking mainly video connections/switching and number of channels). It should mate very well with the Axioms, and this system can easily fall within your budget(including a subwoofer).

Short of resorting to the used market this is about the highest performance-per-dollar system I can think of, and I bet you'll be shocked at how good it sounds. If you don't like the speakers or receiver you can always send'em back and you're only out the cost of shipping, but I seriously doubt you'd let them go after you hear them(as always, allow time for break-in). Best of luck.

I've just love tooling around listening to ever different speaker that I can. Any city that I travel to, I have to take the time and just search out new brands to test drive. Heck, I even go to the CES and T.H.E. shows in Vegas each year just to geek out w/ the tweaks!!! The brands mentioned earlier were all very excellent suggestions for your price range: NHT, PSB, Definitive Technologies, Atlantic Technologies, and Paradigm. I'd also add in Energy (or Mirage, same company) into the mix. I'd Rank Paradigm Reference, then Paradigm, then Atlantic Technology, Energy, PSB, NHT and Def Tech in that order... Just my opinion, and we all know what opinions are like.