home theatre questions

hey guys,
Im a newbie, i have a couple of questions about putting together a home theater.
Infinity Entra complete setup OR
Polk "R" series

JVC 6.1 reciever OR
Sony 6.1 reciever

thanks so much guys!
My first question is. What is your budget and what size is the room the system will be used in?
I highly recommend either the Denon receivers or the Sony ES series. I used to have a JVC receiver, albeit many years ago, and it was sonically one of the worst recievers I ever heard. The low frequency response was abysmal.
The Denon and the Sony ES are quality products. I have owned both (a Denon 3802 reciever for 2 years and a Sony ES cd player for about 12 years) and have not had a problem with either one.

Good luck with your search!
I second Theo's question.......

i was thinking of using the sony str e695. I can get it on ebay for about $250. They are going in an average size living room. I would like to get everything (reciever and speakers) for around $1400 or so...
For best value I would suggest that you look at B-Stock PSB Image Series Speakers. I agree with an earlier responder on Denon and Sony ES receivers. I would also add the Yamaha RX series of receivers. For a video source look for an inexpensive Panasonic DVD player. If you shop carefully and defer buying a subwoofer until a later time I believe you can put together a very satisfying home theater on your budget.

The SONY STR DE695 has been a favorite of Sensible Sound magazine. In your price range ... personally, I would go for a Yamaha 5550 ($220) or Yamaha 5640 ($250) , new, at J&R Music http://www.jandr.com. If you are sold on the SONY, you can get it for $240 at J&R Music and not bother with eBay. The Polk 'R" series are OK, though you may find them a bit bright. You can go for PSB Speakers http://www.yawaonline.com or Axiom Speakers http://www.axiomaudio.com or Wharfedale Diamond 8 series http://www.audioadvisor.com/store/mfglisting.asp?hdnMfg=Wharfedale&MFGID=146. Rich
I know a couple people who have Definitive Technology Theater in a box setups, it comes with all 5 speaks plus a subwoofer. Im sure you could get it for under 1000. Ive heard them before, and as far as satelite theater in a box type setups, i personally think it is one of the best for the price. Sounds pretty good with music too.
(of course, not by the standards of the 2chan audiophiles on this site)

You dont need anything powerful to run them, so you could get a good yamaha or denon to run them.
It would definatly impress any casual listeners and it would put give your local cinema a run for the money
Other authorized PSB "factory cosmectic blemished" speaker dealers are www.dmc-electronics.com and www.upscaleaudio.com . Also, The $ensible Sound recommends net direct speaker maker Ascend Acoustics( www.ascendacoustics.com ) in your price range.

I don't think I would have a problem in selecting either the Infinity Entra or the Polk Audio "R" Series Speaker Systems (assuming both of them are going to be 5.1 or 6.1 Surround Systems).

Now.......... as for the receiver???? I think that's a different story altogether. If I am on the fence, and if I was given a choice between a JVC and a Sony Receiver, I think I would opt for the Sony. Otherwise, if I was in a position to spend more on a receiver, then I would opt for a Denon or a Yamaha instead.

I am getting ready to upgrade the sound system part of my home theater as well, and right now, I am looking to combine a Definitive Technology ProCinema 60 6.1 Speaker System with a Yamaha RX-V740 Audio/Video Receiver. As far as a speaker system is concerned, if you are not already too hung up on the Infinity or the Polk Speaker System, you could do well to consider the Definitive Technology ProCinema 60 Speaker System as well. Like "Slappy" has said (and I can confirm what he has said. I have went down to Myer-Emco (an "upper echelon" audio/video chain store in my area (which is in Washington, D. C.))), they are pretty good speakers for the money. You might want to give them a try as well.

Regards and Good Luck...........


I have also heard the Definitive Technology ProCinema 60 6.1 Speaker System today, and I agree with you. They seem to be pretty good for a system that retails for under $1,000.00 (well under it as a matter of fact......... the ProCinema 60 System retails for about $700.00........ and that's for everything......... including a POWERED SUBWOOFER). I played only music on this system today, and it does sound pretty decent with music too (I haven't taken any movies to the store with me today......... but I will remember to do so the next time around). They're not going to displace my 15 year old KEF Reference 102's (the Definitive Technology ProCinema 60's are pretty good (from the first listen anyway)........ but, they aren't THAT good). But it's good to know that the next time I am in the market to upgrade my KEF Reference 102's, then I am going to have decent sounding backups to tide me through until either a 2003 (or newer) version of my 102's or a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures are installed into my audio system.

And........ because the system is so compact, everything fits in one box. So, I don't have to worry about wrestling with several different boxes the next time I want to buy me a home theater speaker system. I can put the whole system in the trunk of my car, and it won't take up much space in the trunk either. The system is pre-matched. So, I don't have worry about whether or not if that subwoofer is going work with these satelites. And for just $700.00 for the whole system....... the price is agreeable too.

Good speakers for the money. If you are looking for a decent home theater speaker system for not a lot of money, then I would urge you to check these out. For $700.00...... these aren't bad at all.


Oh yeah........ one more thing about the Definitive Technology ProCinema60 Speaker System being used with either a Denon or Yamaha Receiver. They (talking about the speakers) do not need a lot of power to get them going either. The store that I went to today, demoed them with a Rotel RSX-1065. I plan to power mine with a Yamaha RX-V740 Receiver when I finally get mine.

Just one more note to add, that's all.


Yeah, a Yamaha works great with them. (Sometimes i feel like im a DefTech dealer, because anytime somone wants to get into HT and does not want to spend alot, i usually urge them to go to the nearest dealer and give them a try. I have been pleased with all of thier products.) THe good thing about pairing them up with a yamaha is that they yamaha does not have alot of power. It has more than enough to drive these, but less power is less heat, and less power means less of the price you paid was used to building a "Slamming" amplifier. The yamaha's are great for HT, nice low power amplifiers, real clean sound.
I dont like them for music much, but as far as entry HT i think they are a great bargain.