Home theatre power amp questions

I currently have 3 PSE Studio V and 1 Sudio IV amps driving the system. One of the Studio V need repairing and it seems nobody fixes them any more. I have placed an add looking for 1 or 2 amps and we will see what happens. The two questions I have are :
On my paperwork from 1997 it says Vandersteen cross-over installed in PSE Amps. If I find some amps will they still work
What would be a alternative to the PSE amps and I would I have to buy a new pre amp???

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Dear Ajkm and Mwwolf: regarding PSE repairs, Dean Klinefelter is back doing repairs and upgrades. He upgraded my Studio V's with a zero (or near-zero feedback) mod. He was 'under the radar' and had my amps for a while, but they made it back and sound great. (He didn't charge me for the mods!) I talked to him last fall before buying a Studio IV on A'gon, and he is back in business. A very talented and nice guy.