Home Theatre in-ceiling speakers?

We're rebuilding our home and trying to figure out how we are going to lay out the den. Too many options and no decision until we play with the furniture lay-out.

But the walls are open now and I plan on running some speaker wire in the possible speaker locations. The wife would like these speakers to be unobtrusive, so in-ceiling's are a real possibility for the surround's.

Any suggestions that won't break the bank and still sound decent for home theatre? My multichannel home theatre setup is decidedly mid-market (Kenwood 6.1 receiver/processor, Sony carousel DVD, etc.) so I'm not looking at the high-end here.

Kef has some motorized speakers that flip down that are quite nice.

NHT has some with three tweeter arrays that are good at dispersing sound over a wide area.

Von Schweikert has some whit surface mounted speakers that can be mounted on ceilings. THey have a dipole/monopole switch.

Kef also has a recently discontinued model called the Q2ds that is wall mounted. It looks really nice. High WAF.

Good luck!
I like Paradigms!
I used NXT (not NHT) for my surrounds in ceiling and in wall that work really nice and were very inexpensive for a 8 inch three way. Purchased them on the internet, prices do vary but I held out and purchased them for under 100 for each pair.
You can get little round speakers that fit in eyeball light sockets. Really cool. No wife could complain, and you can aim them! http://www.roundsound.com/ceiling-speakers-mounts.htm

Bob Wood (not affilated with Gallo.)

I would second the Gallos. I have a pair of A'Divas wall-mounted for my rears and have been very satisfies with them.

For in-ceiling, you might also want to check out Sonance.