Home Theatre Bargains for Bedroom System?

For a new projector in my bedroom, I told myself I would listen through headphones at night, but now I find myself itching to set up a full surround sound set up, perhaps with the Magneplanar HT speakers.

Could anyone please offer suggestions on the best bargain basement processor, preamp, and/or amps that I might use for this system which will get occasional use only?

I noticed in another thread that one web retailer has bargains on the Sony 9000 ES which might make a good DVD player for $549.00? They also have the Sunfire HT processor - albeit in B stock refurbished - but for what seems like an extraordinary discount orign $3500.00 or something and now < $1000.

I have been experimenting with 2 Genelec powered studio monitors on each bedside table which is more than enough for this situation.

But I dont have enough component inputs for HDTV, XBox and DVD.

So any ideas for great home theatre for bargain bedroom system greatly appreciated.
I would grab a B&K ref 202 or 101(no DTS), that will run you about 500-700 bucks and a Toshiba Sd-9200 w/DVD-A and HDCD you can get for 400-600 bucks and your golden. Good for both music and HT. $1000 bucks and your done(except speakers),

Happy Listening!!!!
What is the website for the sunfire?

from recent thread on Sony 9000 es DVD SACD player