Home Theatre Amp Suggestions

I am looking to replace the old Adcom amps currently driving Thiel 3.6 and 2.3 speakers in my HT system. Rest of the system is Muse 8/296 and B&K 50 preamp/processor in a 19' x 13' section of a 19' x 24' open area.

Because this is part of the TV based system that is always on, I need to stay with solid state amps here. I use BAT tube electronics for my audio system in the basement.

I am looking for 6 channels of amplification. Preferably I'd like to go with three 2-channel amps. Considerations are for the McCormmack 225, BAT VK200, Ayre V3 and Plinius 100. All of these appear to be about $1500 or so on the used market.

Most likely I will return to Magnepan speakers in my audio system so I will most likely sell off the Thiels and move my Talons to the HT system. One advantage here is higher efficient speakers so 100w amps would be fine.

Any ideas from owners/users of any of these amps and their strengths/weaknesses to the rest would be greatly appreciated....or any other ideas?
If you like BAT tube amps, or preamps, the BAT 6200 configured for two to six channels is a wonderfull amp. The Bat tubes are better, but not that much. This amp is a giant killer I have compared it to megabuck SS stero amps, and it had them for lunch.
those run extremely hot especially in class A operation ( and really, this is the only way to run this amp to its full potential )
Are you sure you want to have three of those in the house?
It ran hotter than my SET monoblock.

If you like the BAT, I would suspect you would like Plinius, however.
If I was spending that sort of money I would go with Bryston or Pass. Both will sing with Maggies and are built like tanks!
I received a BAT VK200 last weekend I bought here on Audiogon. In my short experience I definitely feel this is my favorite amp.

Right now, I happen to have a Pass Aleph 3, Blue Circle BC22, Bryston 4B and the VK200 and it's been fun comparing them. The Bryston has been used exclusively to drive my subwoofer, but I did compare it with the others in my 2-channel setup, and didn't care for it's performance. It sounded thin and bright, not my cup of tea. However, this is an older 4B and I understand the new SSTs perform much better with music.

The VK200 has a slightly sweet character in some ways similar to the Aleph 3, but with infinitely more power. You had mentioned you own BAT tube amps so you know about hot running amps. Well, this is no different, it actually runs a bit hotter than the little Aleph oven.

Although I use it to only run ProAc monitors, I think the VK200 is a good choice for HT because of it's super smooth character and power which seems like much more than 100wpc. Great bass too.
Hey thanks for the comments. I guess I was not very clear that in the HT system the speakers are changing to Talons: Khorus in front and Peregrine in back. Due to the higher sensitivity of these, over the Thiels, 100w will be mighty fine.

I want very much to hear the Plinius but also, the Pass X5 (5-channel amp) could very much be the big value here. But I will also try to hear the BAT VK200 with the Talons to get a feel for the BAT sound. The search will be for more of a laid back presentation raher than forward to compensate for the aggressiveness of movies and yet to have incredible musical playback.

Also, I do not have BAT Tube amps, only the P10 phono and 31SE line stage in my dedicated audio system. I use a Counterpoint NPS400 and this is a phenomenol amp.....so please no emails on BAT Tube amp experiences! Thanks again.

Another option is to get a good Main amp and a quality 5ch. amp for the CC and rears.That is what I did and I am happy with the decision.

Modified B&K ST-202
B&K av2500 ser.II
Hi Abex....Your idea is very much what I think I will end up doing. The thought of three 2-channel amps does not seem to be a cost-effective solution. To start with a nice 5-channel amp and then work to find a great 2-channel amp from the same company for the fronts, at a later time, would be a good solution.
I would stronly suggest to look at the new ADCOM multi-channel amps MODEL# 7805 and 7807.These amp's sound incredible.Word is that these amp's are designed and engineered by ex california audio lab engineers that now work for Adcom.