Home Theater with Gallo Ref 3s

So my system evloution is moving forward at a nice pace. Installed my Gallo Reference 3s last week, and am looking for new rear-channel speakers.

My first thought was a pair (or maybe even 2 pairs for 7.1) of A'Divas but am also considering Definitive Technology bipolar surrounds. My concern is that the Def Techs won't match in timber to the Gallos.

While I also intend to eventually drive the second voice-coil of Gallos, I believe I will still need a subwoofer for Home Theater -- especially if I want to use a small satellite speaker like the A'Divas in the back. I've been looking at the Velodyne, Def Techs and am curious about the B&W PV1. Don't know much about the Gallos subs, but they seem to be designed to be used with an all-satellite system.

I am in a loft apartment, listening area roughly 14'x14'x12' within a 14'x30'x12' main room. Any advice would be appreciated.

Take a good listen to the Gallo Due's, Dave P. has these mated up to his Gallo Ref IIIs and the combination is awesome.

Thanks, Richard, but since you were here I moved the Gallo Ultimates into the back channels. Talk about wretched excess. Talk about awesome-plus. This is only until I sell the Ultimates, mind you -- if I do. Dave