Home Theater Upgrade: Advice Needed

So I am looking to upgrade my HT setup quite soon, however I am having a dilemma as either options for what I am trying to do are limited, or I just don't know enough or research has led me wrong.

What I currently running (not including sources like PS3/4, Xbox, etc.) is a Yamaha V773WA fed into a McIntosh MC206 powering just a pair of Tyler Acoustic D-1Xs. Pretty basic, but this was my first step into hi-fi audio.

Now I am going to get a Lumagen Radiance when they come out with the new version with HDCP2.2 and HDMI2.0 w/18Gbps. However, my problem is how to feed the audio out.

The reason the audio is an issue (in my current mind-state) is because I was thinking of feeding the audio to some kind of multi-channel preamp and then out to the power amp. The problem is that nothing seems to really exist for this kind of setup.

The reasoning for my initial thought of going this route is because at this point, a pre-pro will be unnecessary as the Radiance will be handling the video processing.

So, show me the error in my ways or help me in the right direction please!
If the Radiance has two Hdmi output, one connect to TV/projector and one connect to the Yamaha V773WA for audio.
I know that, lol! But I am wanting to move AWAY from having to use a full-on AVR as I don't need or want the video aspect since even with video off it still tries to add some little things to the video.

I am trying to upgrade everything while getting away from an AVR. The Radiance indeed has an HDMI out, however being that all the audio-outs are digital, my choices for the next unit seems incredibly limited.
I don't know your price point and ultimate goals but if you are looking for something that is going to give you HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 then I strongly suggest looking at the Krell Foundation processor. It has all of that and has proven to be one of the best-performing pre-pros on the market. I laughed when I read the often acerbic and outspoken Michael Fremmer rave about the Krell Foundation on everything he threw at it including what it did for plain old regular broadcast TV.

Many of the 4K TV sets have very good scaling processors built in. I'm not sure if your comment about the Radiance is based on particular scaling requirements you have or not. The other benefit of the Krell is that is maintains active HDMI switching at all times.

I've been following that unit very closely and it's impressed me.

I think it gets you away from the AVR category and into separates the way you want.
It's not obvious to me what OP is trying to accomplish, but an Oppo 105 or 105D can decode the lossless codecs, provide many of the functions of a processor, e.g., speaker management, input selection, volume control, and obviate the need for a separate video processor.

I agree with Dbphd except that there is no reason to spend more money on the Oppo 105D if you will not use it for video processing. The D in 105D stands for Darbee Video Processing...
I re-read my original post and noticed I was not entirely clear on my intention, my bad!

However, I did find my solution which after some research, seems to be what many others are doing as well which is use an Oppo-105 as a DAC with 7.1 analog-out since there are no other options out there (that I could find).

I'm really surprised there are NO choices other than this for a multi-channel DAC for a home theater. I would think some manufacturer would leap at the gap in that market...
There are lots of choices for mch DACs. If you output digital from a source to a mch processor or AVR you will be using the DACs of that processor or AVR. Although I have an Oppo 105 and have used it as a processor, I'm currently sending bitstream to a Cary Cinema 11a so I can get DSD surround from a Sony XA5400ES. Analog stereo from the Cary is passed through a Parasound JC-2 BP it shares with an Ayre C-5xeMP and JC-3 phono stage.

for a multi-channel DAC or audio only processor for home theater, checkout the Illusonic Immersive Audio Processor.