Home Theater System (Speakers)

Hi All,

I previously started a discussion regarding AV vs. Separates and I have decided to go the Separates route, but still undecided on which ones. 

I have decided to upgrade my Speakers first and then go for Separates. I have a decent budget for upgrade and would appreciate some advice, inputs for the following:

1. Front Speakers - (my current fronts - B&W CM8). Looking to upgrade to the next level but not too far high. Any suggestions on next level B&W, Focus, SVS or any other speakers in the same ball park range?
2. Center - (my current center B&W HTM62) Same question as above.
3. Subwoofer (my current sub is B&W ASW610). Same question as above.

For Separates - I am looking for a Multi-channel separates (I listen to mutli channel music videos and movies). Very limited Stereo music. 

Any recommendations - ($4K to $5K) range for the Combo? 

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Power Sound Audio has some great speakers for HT, add one of their subwoofers and you'll have a very competent HT system.
If you don't mind used, you can get a used Krell 5.1 processor for $500 off ebay these days, and it sounds better than getting a surround receiver as you know.

   For speakers, I like Dali Zensors - I wouldn't say they are the next level up from your B&W, just different. I too have B&W speakers - what do you not like about them now?

Thanks for your inputs.

I still like B&Ws. I am trying to explore other avenues as well.

I have narrowed it down to Focal 926, Revel F206 or B&W 804. 

Any thoughts?