Home Theater System (Speakers)

Hi All,

I previously started a discussion regarding AV vs. Separates and I have decided to go the Separates route, but still undecided on which ones. 

I have decided to upgrade my Speakers first and then go for Separates. I have a decent budget for upgrade and would appreciate some advice, inputs for the following:

1. Front Speakers - (my current fronts - B&W CM8). Looking to upgrade to the next level but not too far high. Any suggestions on next level B&W, Focus, SVS or any other speakers in the same ball park range?
2. Center - (my current center B&W HTM62) Same question as above.
3. Subwoofer (my current sub is B&W ASW610). Same question as above.

For Separates - I am looking for a Multi-channel separates (I listen to mutli channel music videos and movies). Very limited Stereo music. 

Any recommendations - ($4K to $5K) range for the Combo? 

NHT’s C Series is better than SVS for speakers, so the C3 or C4 depending if you want bookshelves or towers, and then the matching C LCR as a center.

SVS is good for the money for subs, but HSU and Rythmik are great for the money.

A/V processors cost a lot of money, it’s best to just get an A/V receiver that has pre-outs, then add whatever amps you want. The Denon X3400 is $600 new (normally $800, but the X3500 just came out, and if mainly only adds a phono, so save the $200). For power amps, the 3ch Monolith power amp is excellent, read the Audioholics review (the amp has been revised since the review, such as adding XLR, so maybe performance is even a bit better now).
Power Sound Audio has some great speakers for HT, add one of their subwoofers and you'll have a very competent HT system.
If you don't mind used, you can get a used Krell 5.1 processor for $500 off ebay these days, and it sounds better than getting a surround receiver as you know.

   For speakers, I like Dali Zensors - I wouldn't say they are the next level up from your B&W, just different. I too have B&W speakers - what do you not like about them now?

Thanks for your inputs.

I still like B&Ws. I am trying to explore other avenues as well.

I have narrowed it down to Focal 926, Revel F206 or B&W 804. 

Any thoughts?