Home Theater Surround Processor under $6,000?

Can anyone recommend a few of the best surround processors for strictly home theater use, not music, with great video upscaling and audio? I'm aware of the Anthem D2, but what others can you recommend. I'm considering the new Rotel RSP-1069 or another manufacturer and I'm looking for a new unit under $6,000, not used market. Thanks very much!
Krell HTS 7.1 latest version, new in sealed box from authorized dealer. Contact Larry at Paragon who can get them not for the list price of $8,000 for for $2,995 with the full 5 year warranty.

This will blow the Rotel, Denons, B&Ks out of the water for HT and will be ten times better on 2-channel.

I think there is another dealer ad for one on Audiogon for about $2,600 listed today or yesterday.
Meridian 568.2MM can be had on audiogon for about 2000.
I had a Rotel RSP-1069 and while it sounds better than the previous RSP-1068, it isn't even close to the Anthem D1 Statement I now have. The D1 is exactly the same as the D2 absent the HDMI which is v1.2. The Rotel 1069 is version 1.1 and it would require a harware change to updrade it. Personally, I am very satisfied with high quality component cables being run directly to my TV and running th audio in the surround processor.

If you look at Classe for example they don't even offer HDMI yet on their flagship SSP-600 as the technology has been fully sorted out for v1.3 and all components must be v1.3 or the HDMI wil deafult to the lowest version of a component in the 'chain'.

Give the Anthem D1 a listen to. I think will like it. The only other one I really like but is a tad warmer is the Classe SSP-600 but it retails for over $6000. I was able to obatin the D1 which retails for $5000 for half price from a dealer who had it from someone on a trade-in.