Home theater stands

I am looking at building stereo rack for home theater system. Rack will have 2 amps, 1 DAC, 1 preamp, and cable box. It must be low standing. It can be up to 83 inches wide.
Is there a website out there that I might be able to help. I am not sure about any special considerations for material to reduce vibration. Thanks
Billy Bags is a pretty well known operation. They're expensive, but the racks are high quality and they'll build to your spec if you wish:


Good Luck

You might want to take a drawing of what you're looking for to a local metal fabrication shop. I had one made from 2" x 2" square tubing and it was substantially less expensive than anything available commercially. After you dampen the tubing (lots of ways to do that), take it to a body shop and have it spray painted.