Home Theater speakers....what to buy? ?

Hello all,

I am kind of new to HT, but I have spent months upgrading the equipment in my home theater/music room.
My components thus far:
Pre/Pro: B&K Reference 50
Amp: Adcom GFA-7805 (5CH at 300wpc into 8 ohms or 450wpc at 4 ohms)
Sub: SVS 16-46 PC-Plus
TV: Panasonic TH-42PHD5UY
Room: W" 11, L" 17, H" 7.7. Stereo is now along the length wall, but this can be changed.

I am looking for a set of speakers to go with this set up and I need your help. I am probably a 60% movie watcher and 40% music listener. Music wise, I listen to nearly everything but jazz and rap. Budget wise, I am willing to go up to $5000 for a HT speaker set up (fronts, front surround and back surround [1 or 2]), so price is an object, but I am willing to build piece by piece.

I have been auditioning around, but I have to be honest, without being able to compare on the spot, it is tough to retain how something sounded two stores ago!

I hope I have included enough info for a fair evalution. I would appreciate any advice any and all could offer.
Thank you,

I am most pleased with various sets of NORH speakers. 6.9sms for LCR and 5.1s for surrounds sound great. <$2000 USD. www.norh.com

I am not affiliated in any way with NORH other than a satisfied customer.
If $5K is your budget, I'd contact Audio-Video Logic and see if they still have any of the NHT VT3 systems on closeout. They were right at $5K and would be delivered new. Well reviewed, and NHT is a really nice speaker for a system that is heavily used for both music and movies.

I am not associated with Audio-Video Logic or NHT in any way. I used to own NHT for my dual-purpose system and if I was spending $5K and they had one of these closeouts available, it would be on my short list.
I'd go with Legacy Sig's and the matching center. Then maybe something high end but used for the rears. I've heard all the top end systems but for clarity and soundstage, nothing beats Legacy. Their centers are phenominal too.

I am not affiliated with Legacy, but I am a proud owner of them. By the way a used set of Focuses sold on Ebay for $2800. What a steal!
I want to thank you all. I have been investigating your suggestions and I have a few appointments this weekend to listen to the Legacy. I haven't found a NHT or Norh dealer near me.
If anyone else has more suggestions, I would love to hear 'em.
Check out the Martin logans!
Have you had the chance to listen to Dynaudio?
I am also looking for a five speaker system for my Denon avr-5700 and willing to spend around 5k. and it gets pretty confusing. I really like the Dyn's Contour line , but they are a bit pricey....Would like to know what you've decided.
Look for M&K and Atlantic Tech, you can get a great setup for 5 K.
Vandersteen offers a complete home theater system built around the 2CE main speaker that sells for around $5k. If you intend to use your system about 40% of the time for music, then you should seriously consider speakers that do a good job reproducing BOTH home theater and music well -- which the Vandy system does.