Home Theater speakers on a massive budget

I would like to upgrade my current setup.

I am looking at getting an Onkyo 595 (here they are good, or at least better than the other mass manufactured junk out there, and relatively cheap on eBay and such).

I currently have a pair of Bose 9001, a pair od Bose 4001, a BIC CLR3 Center channel, and a couple of old bookshelf system rear speakers ;-) I know, high end.

I want to upgrade, but have little to zero cash to spend. I can sell all of this equipment, and I figure then I will have in the neighborhood of $500 to spend (although if I have to go to $600, i would).

That isn't much in the speaker world.

I was looking at the B&W 303 series...getting 4 DM303 for left/right/surround, the ASW300 for the Sub, and the LCR 3 for the center. (here: http://www.bwspeakers.com/products/gallery/range_gallery.cfm?range=419DBE04-EF4D-11D3-B01E0000E20E7DA6)

Here is the thing, though: I heard you should attempt to purchase all speakers in the general same style and make to get the maximum output. Also, I know subs are pricey, so if I can't have that right away, that wouldn't be a big deal.

DO you guys have any suggestions for some quality, low cost speakers? Have you heard these 303s? are they going to give me enough BANG for home theater?

Thanks a lot,

It does help to use the same type of speaker, if you care that the balance and voicing is uniform and even. I don't think that extends to the subwoofer.

I am using four of the older B&W DM302 all around with the matching CC-3 center. I also use a similar Onkyo Receiver. Sounds great to me. Both the DM302 and DM303 have been highly rated, and have won various audio awards

Bass can always wait; just set the receiver to "no subwoofer". I am using a REL Q100E sub. I will say that having good quality bass will bring the system up a couple rungs. The DM303 and 302 are very nice, and they won't be outclassed if you get a better quality subwoofer, once you save up some more $$$.

I would suggest saving some money by omitting the center speaker. It's not essential, and most center speakers (the 3-driver type) suck anyway.

Regarding the sub, check out the specialist companies like Hsu and SVS.
I have done very well with Acoustic Research (AR 302) speakers that I have purchased through www.accessories4less.com. These folks are the authorized Internet distributor for discontinued AR styles. They are offering the AR-15C for $190 pair (discounted from $500 pair). These are efficient bookshelf speakers that play loud & rock. They have good bass response; work with a wide range of music; are fairly detailed. 2 sets of these speakers would bring you to $400. They are offering the AR PSC225 center channel for $75. Keeps you under $500 and into HT. Another way to go is with the Wharfedale Diamond Series 8. 2 pairs of the Diamond 8.1 would cost $400 and they make a matching center channel. I liked the Wharfedales much more than the (prior series) B&W 302's. Wharfedale is at iagamerica.com

Good luck.

Tweets are $19 and mid/woofs $32 at www.madisound.com Might be the ticket to sonic bliss on a cheap budget. Looks like a nice kit and the whole thing with the sub might be in your budget. I couldn't find any specs. on those b&w having looked at the link.
Actually, I see Madisound sells it prepackaged under "kits." All five speakers minus the sub is $620: a 3 way center, a pair 2 way MTM's for LR, and a pair 2 way surrounds (plus labor and cabinetry, nothing fancy).