Home Theater Speakers exclusively

Very little music listening. Perforated projector screen speakers will live behind, so looks mean nothing. Bought 3 B&W 603s to run across the front and I'm not impressed and I'm still within the return window. Considering used Vandersteen 3As (I've had several Vandys and love them) or something in the Tekton family. 

Thoughts? Purely front speakers for home theater.  Thanks
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Now that you stress front speakers for Home Theater exclusively: forget about “hifi” speakers and buy some genuin pro cinema speakers from the likes of JBL, QSC, Electro-Voice or KCS. New or used doesn’t matter, through I’d recommend the latter option being they’re build like tanks and will last decades. And, they can be found relatively cheap 2nd hand. 

Run them actively, preferably, and you’ll be confronted with a sound that not only caters wonderfully, indeed inherently to cinema sound, but that also sits beautifully with music as well. That’s what I do, and I feel no need to look back..
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