Am in the process of buying a home theater system and utterly confused. Just want to give some details before I ask you for guidance on questions that are on my mind. Would highly appreciate your feedback and apologies for the long list.
My room is 21 Ft long 15.5 feet wide and about 9 feet high. One thing good my Bed is right in the center i.e 10.5 feet from the point where the system will be placed. The rough volume is about 2,900 Cubic Feet or about 85 Cubic meters..
75% of the time I listen to music the kind which one hears in pubs and lounges where there is a lot of thump. About 20% Movies and TV and 5% old Rock like Pink Floyd etc.

The choices that I have to make where I need you advice are :
  • AV Receiver:
Maranz 6013 or an equivalent Yamaha receiver.
  • Sub woofer:
Two PB 1000 or a single PB 2000.(Ported)
Speaker sets either from SVS// Definitive// or Klipsch.
  • Speakers:

  • SVS Speakers.
SVS: Front 2 SVS Prime Bookshelf 6.5
SVS Prime -Centre
Surround 2 SVS Prime –Satellite.
Wondering whether I should go for ULTRA Book Shelf or stick with PRIME. The price difference is huge.
  • Definitive Speakers.
Front 2 Definitive Technology D11
Centre DEF CS 9040
Surround 2 Procinema 1000 Satellite.


2) Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speaker
Klipsch RP-500C Center Speaker
2) Klipsch RP-400M Satellite Speaker.

Sorry asking so many questions. Thank you.
Appreciate the time taken as also the advice. I'm going for Def Tech as the base seems to be a little bit better. I dont know if they have a series for this range. Will find out . thank you once again for your advice. Much appreciated.
I just replaced a 10 year old Onkyo AVR with an Anthem AVR and I am very impressed with the results.  Anthem is known for their room correction and given some of the quirks of your room, room correction might be valuable.  I don’t know about their availability in India, but they are a Canadian company, if that helps