Home Theater speaker system choice - help

Help! I am looking to purchase a matched set of home theater speakers to use just for home theater. I have a unique system as I am into quad and vinyl, so have my Sansui 9001 hooked to my Yamaha rxv-995 to play DTS CDR's from vintage quad material. I also listen to my Rega turntable through the 9001. I have huge La Scalas (Klipsch) for my front channels and Heresy's for rear and a velodyne sub (older model with 8") and a JBL center (previous home theater). So, I listen to music through the Klipschs, but can use my Yamaha to run some small home theater speakers (without having to power up the Sansui and match volumes). I have narrowed it down to the Cinema Series Paradigms (90), Definitive Tech Pro Cinema (200 probably), Klipsch Synergy or even Quintet and KEF KHT 2005.2s. I just want killer dialogue and home theater from these. I like my music warm, but would like these speakers to allow me to hear DVDs and satellite movies with Dolby Digital the way they should sound with clear dialogue and effects properly placed. My room is about 15 feet x 18 feet with carpet and has paneling on walls. Don't worry if the Sansui thing throws you, just wanted to make clear I have audio under control, now want good home theater. Oh, if you think I could incorporate my existing Velodyne VA 8100x, please let me know, otherwise I'll just use it in another room or sell it. Would really like a matched quality home theater sound! Thanks for any and all advice.

While not warm musically (they lean toward accurate which is good for movies) the axiom line of speakers is very good for the price and match seamlessly.
Just to really confuse the issue, Magnepan just came out with some smaller folding wall-mounted speakers designed for home theater. You get them direct from the factory with 30-day trial period.

Maggies will meet your specs.
Thanks to Pe3046 and Unclejeff. I definitely have a bit more research to do and will look into both the axiom line and the new Magnepans (very interesting!). Any others care to chime in? Curious about the little Klipsch Quintets, but mostly because they are so cute. Does it seem like I'll be able to use my Velodyne and spend a bit more maybe on the other five speakers? Anyway, still researching! Thanks.
Ascend Acoustics. Just a litte warmer than the Axioms. The Maggies intrigue me but I don't have the space for them.
I started at the $100-300 per satellite level with Def Tech, PSB, et al, but ended up with an all-Spendor front trio (S3/1p + SC3) because of the beguiling midband and softness up top for all that too-bright HT programming.
Used prices about $1200 for the trio. Boston VR-MX surrounds mated perfectly, as well their PV1000 (Vel clone) sub. Good that you have the sub if you need it. First I'd focus on getting the best midrange/not-too-hot-treble sats you can find, then add the Vel if you then feel it's required for movies' special effects, and/or you play at realistic levels that tax the sats. Good Luck.
If you can find a dealer you should check out the Krix Equinox. You will not believe how much clean sound they can put out. They also make a center channel speaker designed to go with them. When I auditioned them they blew away the Paradigm studio monitor 100 (a 2 way beat a 3 way). You could use your current sub. Check out www.krix.com