Home Theater speaker suggestion for Yamaha AVR


Which speakers have good synergy with Yamaha AVRs? I am planning to get the Yamaha 1020 AVR. I would like to know which speakers match well with Yamaha AVR for HT. This is going to be 100% movie only setup.

Is your room a stadium sized living room or little upstairs spare bedroom size? Also, the acoustics and setup? (is your ceiling a 7' basement height or is it 13" vaulted and your speakers are gunna be out in the middle of the room?)
Perhaps maybe some more imput would help, rather than asking "which motor size should I get, the 600cu in mountain motor or the 1.4 liter? "
About a million different variable and options combos
My room is a dedicated HT room. The dimensions are 24x15x9. I am going to do acoustic treatment in the room. The speakers are going to be on the 15ft wall and the listening distance will be around 20 ft from the speakers.

I hope this helps.

What is your budget? Definitive often do good in HT and affordable too. If you want something custom then you are look no further than Salk sound. They are one of the best ID speaker maker.
I've had great results with Focal Chorus series floorstanding speakers. They begin at around $2000. They're paired with my Yamaha A-3010. I once had a loaner Yamaha A-810, and I didn't hear any substantial differences in sound quality¬ójust so you know.