Home theater speaker

I'm have the AUDIO PHYSIC VIRGO II for the music. But now I'm move to Home Theater. Would you advice me to keep this speaker and just buy Center + Surr + Subwoofer (any other brand) or just trade the Virgo for something like Klipsch RF-7 or Definitive Tech speakers.
I'm thank you for you advice
Trading the Virgo for a Klipsch or DefTech will leave you sobbing with remorse.

Will's probably right! I assembled an affordable but MUSICAL, natural-sounding perfectly-matched front trio from used Spendor s3/1p ($800) and new SC3 ($550). I'm astonished at how seamless this frontstage is! Wall-mounted Boston Acoustics VR-MX bipolars ($500) and their PV1000 sub finished the job. Glad I got it right the first time around.
Good Luck, and remember to NEVER compromise the fine midrange and coherence of a great speaker (like your Virgos)
for the quantity of lesser drivers. For $1k total the small DefTech system works in a small room, but I suspect you'll be much happier with a higher-performance group, such as the Spendors, or if you want a brighter mostly-HT setup in a well-damped room, the B&W601s3 and a sub, perhaps...or a quintet of Thiel 1.6?! You have many options.