Home theater setup recommendations?

My daughter, married, middle aged, has asked me to help them set up a decent home theater/listening room in their new home. I've been an audiophile since the 70's......before I even heard the term, so I'm a pretty competent 2 channel guy and I understand room acoustics............That said, I never really ventured into HT. I simply went with my 2 channel rig and was perfectly happy with things that way.....still am.

I guess my questions are..........How  important is multi-channel for movies vs audio.............dumb question, I'm sure, but it's not my area, so I'm asking...............and any recommendations for a decent, not UBER, sound system primarily for movies. They're willing to spend some money to get a nice setup, but not the kind of coin that many here likely would. I'm thinking used gear, speakers, subs, receiver or amps. Something that will sound good, but not require a second mortgage..................These folks think that hanging 4 inch Bose speakers in the corners of the room with a micro, wanna-be sub is good sound..............I want to "enlighten" them..........thanks

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What a great challenge, let's build a system.
A couple of suggestions would be to keep the AV receiver newish so it handles all the current Codecs.

Older gear like meridian g68s or krell image and sound amazing but are limited to playing compressed file codecs.

You want to have Hdmi v2 at the least, moving forward.

What about high current solutions like Arcam although for the cheaper money they may be hdmi v1.4 ok but I would want v2.

Marantz gives an excellent hdmi hand shake, and they just simply work.
their new AV gear would
give all the connectivity in the would.
DLNA, wireless, blue tooth, network access and heos that could be expanded into the whole house.

An expansion in the future would be to add an external 7 channel amp, followed by another 5 channel (emotiva is affordable) and 2 or 4 ceiling speakers for atmos.
You could use in wall speakers in combination with in ceiling, with only the two fronts and centre taking up
 real estate.
Obviously if you chose the right current model Atmos capable unit you will be able to expand the system if so desired, once they get hooked on good AV experience (:

Try getting them hard wired in by lan line but configure the wirless phone and Tab integration with it all.

Know body uses discs any more, sure cover that base if that's what works,
I wouldn't bother, unless they have hundreds of DVDs and CDs and then I still wouldn't bother I'd just get it all ripped onto storage.

 An Invidia Shield will get them gaming and streaming plus hooked into their network.

What about a NAS for storage. At least a 4 bay with 3tb drives or bigger.

A Zippidy is suppose to be a good media player also, it will play everything I am told.

The new Marantz has streaming capabilities equivalent to blue sound 2 for music streaming.... bonus.

What about Fronts with subs in them, as someone else mentioned, Def tech.
They are designed for theatre and aren't too dear.
Also Parridym, M and K, 

Recent Sony top of the range LEDs  have powerful processors and give great image and  brightness at affordable pricing on special. A fraction of the expense of LG oled.

HOWEVR if you could afford a Lg oled
 C8 65 " it would become the jewel in the system. Love my c8 77" (:
Finally at least $5 - $10 as much as $20 per m for the fronts and centre per m on speaker cables and maybe some Audioquest cinnamon hdmi leads, they want to be decent as so information travels along them.

Good luck and enjoy !!!