Home theater question

Looking for opinions on using Thiel cs7's for front and cs3.6's as rear speakers.
I like Thiel speakers very much but I do not believe they are dynamic enough for HT.


Any speaker can be used for HT operation. Whether or not it is optimally suited is another question. The main obstacle in this type of situation is having immense power capabilities that one needs to drive such a load at the drop of a hat. I know this as i'm running speakers that are about 87 - 88 dB's @ 1 meter and present a nominal 4 ohm load to the speaker. If i had it to do all over again, i would pick speakers that were FAR more efficient and easier to drive. Being able to pick and choose between amplifiers with more efficient speakers would've made life so much easier for me. Learn from my mistakes and do yourself a favor : ) Sean
Since, the Thiels are excessively bright, to my ears anyway, and source material in many movies tends to be bright I think this would be a path straight to Audio 'H'.

That, plus the fact they like power, would be a sure negative for me. But, then again some people can't hear the shrill and spit coming outa the Thiels. As if that's a natural part of music/sound.
Thanks for the responses so far. I should have said I already own the Thiels in question. The 3.6's are the front's right now and the 7's are in another room for two channel.
Wirlybird, I didn't know you had the speakers. If my remarks offended you, I apologize.