home theater processor suggestions?

This is what i am looking for a processor that has /does the following:
1. has hdmi1.3 or better
2. xlr connections
3. room correction
4. be able to process most of the upper formats.
5. 7 channel.

i have no need for analog input or out puts. i run hdmi in and out. i just need one of each.

i run a anthem statement p5 amp

i know about the anthem mva 50v and the statement d2v...

thank you for your suggestions
I can not seem to find much information on the nad. does it have all the requirements that i have listed at the op?

also, i.understand the possible difference in sound that a processor would have do to there not being an amp that would add heat to the circuits. if i just use the pre outs on my elite there would not be heat either.... would that make the sound better since there is not heat in there now either?
I would warn you also about using a receiver as a pre/pro as some/many do not use room correction for their preamp outputs.....
Kennyt - can you give some more details? My limited experience (Yamaha) is that room correction is applied to the pre-outs. I believe that typically the pre-outs are just the signal that goes to the on-board amps.
Barnowski, take a listen to the NAD AV receiver, T875. totally blows away marantz, onkyo, pioneer elite (I had the same AV receiver as you). $3,000 and that was all I needed. If you want top of the line performance for a not top of the line price, this is the ticket.