Home Theater processor opinions

I would like some opinions from folks as to what manufaturer makes a reasonably priced A/V processor for a home theater that can handle all of the new and old technologies our there such as HDTV, DVD-A, SACD, AC-3 etc. I have (2) Krell Kav 250A-3 amps, and Aerial Acoustic 10T, CC5, and SR3 speakers. I would prefer taht the processsor has balanced XLR outputs to match the Krell amps.

Reasonably priced that will not degrade HDTV signal does not exist. The Sunfire theatergrand II has balanced outs and can do all the rest. I have one I use with my Krell amps. The down side is that you will have to get DB-25 cable with six RCA's on the other end for Dvd-audio/sacd hook up, my cable was $125 I think. You can find one used for about $1400 or so, it is a very good processor and is also a very good two channel preamp.
well you have all uper price range gear, so I guess reasonably priced would be relative. Do you need Pro Logic II or THX ultra2 processing? Or is that not included in your statement "latest technologies"?
Do you need "pure analog bypass inputs", and other features?
When you say "all technologies", I must qualify that a bit.
You also said "a home theater pre/pro". Are you doing music with it as well? How are you connecting your sources for music? Digital connection?...analog connection?
Off the top of my head, you'll obviously have to go with newer pieces to do "all the latest". But you might consider the Krell "showcase" at $4k new. The Classe SSP30 is also sonically excellent, for $3k! Both have balanced out puts if you need them, and offer most of the features you might want. You said HD tv compatible. Are you going to loop your component or DVI connections for video through them for "on-screen" display? I don't do this, so I was just wondering.
I think around that $4k price point new, there's lots of chioces that would do very well for HT at the very least. You might check others that have other features if you need 6 channel pass through, dirrect bypass inputs, or other features that might be beneficial for music as well.
Still I don't think you'll lose with what I mentioned. And there are certainly many many competent chioces out there for great sound at $3k and above for new stuff.
That said, your biggest sonic improvement potential is going to be the efficiency of which you can set up your system, and adress acoustical issues.
hope this helps
Hope this helps.
Anthem AVM-2 or AVM-20. I've gone through a lot and swear by these.
I second the Classe SSP and add the McIntosh MX132. Arthur
"elevick"...what have you compared the Anthem AVM20 and AVM2 to personally? I haven't any experience with those, but have been currious what they compare to sonically....