Home Theater PC?

new here, wanting to build a HTPC for the heck of it, I want to hook it up to my proceed avp, amp5, and revel spkrs. Anyone tried it? Any video, audio card ideas?
There's a good series of HTPC articles in SGHT - lots of good references, equipment ideas, etc. -Kirk
There is a whole forum for HTPC at the AV Science site: try this link

If that does not work, go to www.avsforum.com and scroll down.

All the computer stuff is over my head, but those guys seem to love it.
Definately check out the link from Djlackey5. The AVS HTPC forum has wasted many of my hours....With the proper searches you'll find everything you need to know.

A quick recommendation or two: For the audio side I am quite fond of the MAudio brand of soundcards. High Quality DD and DTS passthrough, and believe it or not the analog outputs aren't bad (considering the RF nightmare that is a computer). Radeon based video cards produce amazing results (avoid the 8500 [i think that's the model number] -- it has a gamma problem). With spare parts and few hundred bucks (the above mentioned components) I built a HTPC that blows away my progressive scan DVD player (panny RP56). This is, of course, not including the man hours that it took to configure every thing correctly (and I used to build and fix PCs for a living).YMMV.

Hope this was helpful...