Home Theater Noob Pairing New Speakers with AVR

Hey guys, I am back with more questions! I really appreciate all the help you guys gave me in my other thread. Now, I have a specific question about what receiver I should buy.

Basically, I have some speakers I really want to buy but it seems like I may damage them with the current receiver I have.

Speakers I want:

RC-52 II (Center Channel)

RB-51 II (Bookshelf Pair)

RS-42 II (Surround)

I already have a decent sub from Polk, the PSW110. Could it be better? Sure. But that sub is WAAAAY better than the rest of the speakers in my current setup so I will upgrade that last.

So, my dilemma is this: My current receiver is just not going to cut it I don't think. I have a Yamaha RX-V373. What does my budget for a receiver to pair with these speakers need to be? What are some recommended brands or favorite models? I would love to not have to spend $1500 but if I have to, I will.
Welcome back Golfluvr. Sounds like your looking at a better AVR now. There are many to choose from at your budget of no more than $1500; preferably less. As you were advised in your earlier thread - just make sure whatever you buy has a full set of Pre-Outs. This way you'll be ready to add an external amp if you ever get the urge for even more power or decide to sell the Klipsch Reference because you fell in love with speakers of lower efficency and impedence.

It could happen and you want to be ready. Upgraditis is real!

I would recommend looking at the new Pioneer Elite SC-61 at an mrsp of $1100; a lot less if you shop around. The SC series has Pioneers new Class D3 internal amps that have been professionally reviewed and very well received. They are 4 ohm stable amps which means you'll never run out of gas with your Klipsch reference. Pioneers MCACC room correction is also easy to use, highly tweakable and very effective. I am sure you'll get other recommendations, brand and room correction, but Pioneer Elite is mine. I have had 4 Elites that I have used as processors and good luck with all of them. Have fun building your system.

Why do you think that the Yamaha will not suffice? It certainly has enough power to drive those efficient speakers. I would recommend you go ahead and use the Yammy and look to replace it only if you find it does not work properly with the Klipschs...

I have no problem recommending the Klipschies for HT music dubties with an AVR system, for most domestic home duties. The Klipschs play effortlessly, high dynamics, and the focused sound propegation the horn loaded speakers present is VERY acoustics friendly! (I.E, you don't need lots of sidewall/ceiling acoustic absorbers and diffusors, to get a solid clear sound and imaging). Deal with the setup however is not to expect a horn speaker to have a wide dispersion characteristics for, say, great music listening all around the house! You really need to sit infront of horns, and creat a listening window to make em work
Also, the Klipsch's realloy need some relief for the trebble, which can be too agressive on axis. In that respect I DO NOT like the typical Yamaha receiver as a match with the Klipsch's, and I recommend receivers that are a tad more mellow, with perhaps some warm-ish characteristic, and a good DSP EQ (like the Audyssey) helps greatly to balance the sound! Denon's, I find, are a great match with those Klipsch's, without going more higher end essoteric Arcam. Other considerations would be higher end Onkyo (not a big Onkyo sound quality fan), Integra, maybe NAD (history of quality control?), etc.
Anyhow, I find the Klipsch sound nice and dynamic, with lots of presence (necessary for movies -not to laid back and uninvolving like a lot of music speakers), highly efficient and easy to drive and, yes, acoustics integration is cooperative. Of course, the Klipsch's are affordable.
That help? Good luck