Home Theater Newbie

Hi all
I have a two channel system consisting of the following:
Audiopax Model 88 Amplifiers
Acoustic System International Tango R Speakers
Zu Definition Mk II speakers
Melody SHW 1688 II preamplifier.

I have not been using the Zu and Melody since the Tango speakers arrived as have been going direct with the APL Player.

Before selling the zus and melody I wanted to see how these and my two channel system could be used for a home cinema system.

Is it just a case of me buying a receiver to run the speakers through my LCD and DVD player?

seems like you will need a HT source for DVD/blueray as well as a receiver and sooner or later a sub is a nice thing to have. sounds like you have the start on a 4.0 system now though. should be able to select a receiver that allows the use of your current equipment and bypass the receivers onboard amp section as well if desired. likely your stuff is better in that regard.