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Hello all. I dabble in audio but do not claim to be an expert. Here's the scenario:

I currently have a Yamaha surround receiver that I want to get rid of. It's always been lousy for music anyway.

I have a pair of Klipsch Heresy II's for the front channel, a Phase Tech center channel speaker, and a pair of Phase Tech rear speakers. No sub currently.

I just bought a McIntosh MC2125 to power the Klipsch's. It works, but could use a little TLC. Now I'm looking for a AV receiver that has pre-outs. I found the Onkyo TX-RZ730, which has pre-outs for just about everything. Also lets "zone 2" listen to a different source, which would make my wife happy.

Thoughts? Good choice, bad choice?

The two worst sounding processors I’ve had were Onkyo and Emotiva.

The Anthem MRX520 is fully featured, from all accounts here sounds great and you can buy refurbed for a song from the manufacturer’s store on that bidding site.

Very happy with my NAD pre-pro/Acurus amps/Klipsch RF-63 combo.  NAD is a tiny tad on the warm side of neutral while the Acurus amps fall right in the middle, spot on neutral IMO.  No problems on my end with Onkyo/Integra but the Anthem MRX520 is a great recommendation.

+1 for eric, I totally agree
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