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I'm looking for a speaker that can do well as part of 5.1 system for movies and music. I have an Emotiva preamp and a Bryston 9B SST that are currently driving an old pair of IMF bookshelf speakers and a collection of speakers I picked up used (B&W LCR60 center, REL T-Zero sub). It's hard to find a store to do A/B comparisons on more than a few lines of speakers, but I can probably find one that carries some you can recommend. The space I have is about 15X20 and carpeted. Of all the speakers I have heard so far the B&W 805 D3s sound the best for their detailing, but I am open to others provided they do not have a large footprint.
Reading reviews in Stereophile and online adds to the confusion. For example, Stereophile rates the KEF LS50 in the same class as Quad ESL, though the Quads cost 12x as much. Any clarifying advice would be welcome. Thanks!
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The Dynaudio speakers are great for music and home theater.
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Stereophile never has all of their products in one location

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We have kef, paradigm,Golden ear, legacy, atc, elac,daltcabasse jern and a few others

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Aerial, Dynaudio and Kef's are all great speakers IMO for what you are looking for. It will obviously come down to which speaker is a good match with your Bryston amp. Good luck with your search.
I’d look at Dynaudio.  They should pair well with the emotiva and bryston.