Home Theater intergrated with existing

looking for options to utilize my exsisting system, with a multi channel A/V system .I recently puchased a Panasonic Plasma tv and would like to explore possible options . Bat Vk 5i, classe DR-9 Amp, sony x7esd as my cd player and Von Schweikert VR-2 speakers .
I was looking @ the linn classik movie as an option but it does not have a dolby digitail input which does not play cable channels in surround. Any thoughts and input would be great thanks in advance.
I do 2ch and ht all in one room. I have a receiver for movies; cable or dvd. I run an outboard amp for my fronts.----So what I do is I have a pair of ic's running from pre-out of the receiver.---I have a second pair of ic's that come from my 2ch. pre. What ever ic's are connected is what I'm listening to. Both pair of ic's are the right length for an easy change-out.--- Always make sure the power is off to the 2ch amp and wait about 30 secs before changing these ic's. So for 2ch, the receiver is off and those 2ch ic's are connected from my 2ch pre.into the 2ch amp. Then for ht, the receiver is on and the 2ch. amp is on and the ic's from my fronts--(pre-outs from the receiver) would be the ones I'd be using.---Works good for me.
Thanks for your input , my Bat is equipt with a pass through which should allow me to eliminate the ic change. I am looking for a HT reciever with xlr connections as well as a good all in one source also with balanced xlr connections and good quility audio sound . Thanks Pat