Home Theater IMAX Experience w/ A Robinson-Youtube

Anyone see this tutorial/educational viedeo series on Youtube? Home Theater writer Andrew Robinson has a series of Youtube videos on the subjects of home theater and IMAX Home Theater, where he discusses his opinions, experiences, and recommendations on home theater, HT theory and design, construction ideas, equipment, IMAX experience, technology, and so forth?
Looking for input on what others think of the series, the expressed opinions and suggestions vs your personal opinions, experiences, and competing advice on doing dedicated home theater?
I do find some of his recommendations interesting, but most of the time he demonstrates and suggests that all of this is, ultimately, "left up to your ideas, choices, and interpretations as what choices you make, equipment options and choices you chose for IMAX type of results"!!! Well I find issue with that, and don't agree with many of his opinions, choices, applications, suggestions, and recommendations, personally! Leads people to just do WHATEVER, and expect their dedicated home theater will be as good as anything, or "close enough" to high performance, IMO.
For example: in the IMAX series, he suggests that, since you can do an "inspired" IMAX system, you can pretty much just chose any type of loud speakers you have laying around the house, and they will work just fine!. Also, you can sit as far back and or as close as you like to the screen, and even forgoes the acoustics, from what I could tell!

What I really don't understand here why you bothered to post this question to begin with? You're so emotionally caught up in your position on this, why ask people for their opinions?

"Looking for input on what others think of the series, the expressed opinions and suggestions vs your personal opinions, experiences, and competing advice on doing dedicated home theater?" - Your words.

I'm really not trying to be mean by saying this, but you can't handle this discussion. What's the big deal if people don't always agree on things. That's the whole point of these forums. You seem particularly upset about me thanking Criderfive for giving me a quality answer. Why? He's one of the few people that have ever given me anything to support the type of argument he makes. So what if I read the AQ article and didn't agree with it. If you think something else, that's fine.

Instead of all the insults and examples that are not relevant to this discussion, why not just point out something I said and ask for clarification? If you don't agree with me, that's fine. But to go on like this is just silly.
No no no, ZD542! ..you came to redirect the post, point out that the post was irrelevant and pointless, that no one could ever prove that anything stated is either correct or incorrect, is better than anything else, and that opinions on the matter are relative to ones own opinion, regardless! GREAT!
I do, however, have the right to call you out on your intent! -which was to illicit a response! ..which you did. ..and so I did. ..and so we all did.

So let's recap, reflecting- plus from your inferences, as I gather:
-NO, just because 99% of the AV enthusiasts and novices alike will ABSOLULTELY POSITIVELY AND 100% MEASURABLY achieve deficient and horribly low-fidelity and innacurate poor video quality from their audio systems and displays, DOESN'T actually mean that:

1), A huge acoustic hole between satellites and subwoofer DOESN'T really mean that it sounds bad! -it's just more good sound! TRUELY!
2) Just because tonality is drastically different from
seat to seat, DOESN'T mean that you're not getting accurate even good quality sound from the whole listing area!..NO!!!
3), and, just because your loudspeakers are distorting -and
have low dialog intelligibility, cause they're from WalMart -and have no tweeter -DOES NOT mean they aren't as good as
Wilson MAXX reference loudspeakers..YES,THAT'S TRUE!!!
4) when your video display is all washed out and low
contrast looking, with gray black level, it IS IN NO WAY an
indication that the picture quality is not what was
intended from the original source! -WINNING!
5) also, When you use direct firing mono loudspeakers
directly firing next to your ear on a side seating
location, THERE ISN'T REALLY a WAY LOUDER speaker
BLAIRING in your ear, pulling you
completely out of the experience, dominating the sound
n distrascting you from the main soundstage up front!.
6) ..Or, when you use any ol 1080p video projector, and sit
2 feet from the screen - and get to see every pixel - it
isn't a sign that you're probably too close, or using
the wrong gear for the job!! -okYES!..THAT'S PROBABLY TRUE
7) or, even though vast majority of people trying to put to
gether a quality system, will in no way use any acoustic
treatments in the toom or sidewalls, to improve sound by
eliminating troublesome reflections, DOESNT MEAN that
the soundstage isn't all indistinct sounding, lacks any
solid detail or imaging, poor microdynamics, lacking
high fidelity overall quality, and doesn't ACTUALLY matter
-Ok, lemme think about that one!
8) Just having your loudspeaker placed behind a perf screen
actually is good enough to make it sound good, regardless
of where the actual speaker are back there, even if you
don't end up measuring anything, or listening first. ..
..NO REALLY, IT'S OK! ..just stick em "yaee wide" and
you're probably good. ..JUST GO WITH IT!..IT'S ALL FUN!!
9) ..when you don't address the sound isolation issues from
the sounds outside, and or keeping the noise from the home
out of the space/room, you really lose anything!..IT'S ALL
GOOD BROTHA! ..don't even think twice about those points!
10) ...anyone's opinion about what is good sound or image
quality, really is OUT OF LINE, and they should just keep
things to themselves, ..CAUSE IT'S ALL THEIR ISSUES,

Yes, ZD542, in the end, ...there really is no need for these postings - nor any real need for this site, for that matter! We're just all here blowing air, and taking up data space on the grid, that is the Matrix anyway!
...WHAT IS REAL?!..WHAT IS REALITY?! ..I always say, anyway
Zd542 I have to thank you again for a honest discussion. That is why I don't post to much. I do see your point of view. Many things can be subjective and go against the grain when it comes to preference. Anyone would be foolish to argue that's not true. I do like doing things the way they are designed to work. It keeps things simple for me but I do push the boundaries my self from time to time, sometimes out of necessity sometimes just to see if it improves my overall a/v experience.I think that was the whole point of Andrew Robinson's general statements. We all know what is right and what defines a IMAX theater but play around have a good time and do what works for you. Many of us including myself loose sight of this from time to time and some never get it at all. I think all the arguing hurts this hobbie more than any false claim made by manufactures. Newbies enter a site like this and read forums get confused and aggravated at all the different opinions and just say why bother life is complicated enough, I just wanted advice on how to set up a stereo or home theater that I can enjoy. Anyway good discussion.
Criderfive, I see you didn't say that you appreciated any of my points of view. Ouch!..that hurts!!

THAT'S IT!!- my $4000 Audio/Video Calibration tool, is now going up for sale on Ebay! After all, no need to measure frequency response or color temperatures of displays - and other meaningless stuff like that - if none of that really matters anyway (or anyone cares, or can really tell the difference, when it's all said and done), right?!

Oh man..I must be in the wrong business.

Well, I tried to be nice and look at what it got me; another list! I was going to say that if you didn't fully understand my point, read Criderfive's last post. He just lays it all out extremely well. I won't speak for him, but I don't think he was siding with me and not you. If that's what you took away, I believe you missed the point. Again. As for your lists, I'm really at a loss for words. You're creating responses to fictional statements. You really need to get a grip on reality. Its a good thing people can't read minds. If they could read yours, Barnes and Noble would go out of business.