Home Theater / Hifi Stereo --- Under $2,000

I'm building a theater/stereo system basically from the ground up. The overall goal being a home theater setup with a surround receiver as the "Hub" with HDMI inputs and all, BUT with the ability to be a HiFi stereo system when need be.

As of Now I have all I own is a Marantz NR1504

And I have a strict budget of $2,500

IF you were given the options below, which would you choose?

Amp/Receiver Choices:

1. Marantz NR1504 > Stereo Preout > NAD C 356BEE
2. Marantz NR1504 > Stereo Preout > Marantz MM7025
3. NAD T 748

Speaker Choices:

1. Monitor Audio Silver 6
2. PSB Image T6
3. B&W 683